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Most Popular Products in 2020 So Far

There are usually a wide range of factors that influence which products are most sought after online. With many people being forced to spend significant amounts of time indoors, however, due to the Coronavirus, 2020 has seen home-use and skill-based products stand out. Here are some of the most popular products of this year so far according to data collected by search trend analyst experts, Exploding Topics:

• Pressure Washers – As more people get involved with their gardening than usual, pressure washers have become an incredibly popular product with 246k searches per month.

• E-Bikes – Public transport is being avoided while fitness is at the forefront of most people’s minds which is why e-bikes have been positioned as the perfect solution. With a trend gradient of 42 degrees over the last 6 months, this product is steadily growing in popularity.

• Standing desks – With 110k searches per month, standing desks are another product helping those that are working from home.

• Jump ropes – Exercise at home has become the new norm for many. As an affordable and simple choice, jump ropes have rapidly increased in popularity, peaking in mid April but remaining highly-searched since then.

Using Comparemyshopping

When products are in high demand, prices can quickly rise in line with interest. At Comparemyshopping, we make the process of finding the best deal simple. By updating pricing for various products on a daily basis, those that use our platform can be sure that they are finding the best price available at that time.

With e-commerce largely being marketing-led, it can be very difficult to find enough of a range in retailers to get a true understanding of what a fair price. Comparemyshopping features products from a wide variety of retailers, both those that are already well-known along with those that are not as established. This means that customers are able to find a deals on products that might not usually be easy to find.

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